QAS Consulting Services division develops custom Microsoft Access business applications and provides the consulting and technical services to help our clients leverage their investments in information technologies. 
    To insure that system requirements are fully defined, we team with our clients to define what the application must do and how it will operate. We employ application prototyping so that requirements are reviewed in the context of a "live" application, thereby confirming functionality and feature set. We then bring the management and technical skills required to transform the conceptual model into a fully-functional, working solution.
    QAS makes full use of MS office software components in developing software solutions for aerospace companies. Our building block approach in combination with our development framework (standards, tools and methods) allows us to deliver information solutions in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.
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   This service is available for those unique customers that may have trouble conforming to all of our ready made cures to Quality Control processes. We can develop specific reporting features, add fields, change processes and basically and implement anything you can imagine. Our software engineers are flexible and willing to help in any way we can to get tour quality system online. 

    We can provide you with a QAS rep for custom QA database design. To mold DR Data to your unique QA operation if you do not have the personnel knowledgeable in Microsoft Access to adapt the DRD by phone or on-site. To learn how master Microsoft Access on your own take a look at our literature for mastering MS Access. 

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