This referral program is designed to help us get more business and give financial compensation for those individuals who bring business to us. We at QAS are fully aware that some individuals have a some good connections in industry. We are willing to help you profit from these connections just for getting the word out that QAS exists.  

About QAS Referral Program:

Once we receive payment for your referred product, we will mail you a check for 25% of the sale total. DR Data is offered for $900 US. One referral will bring you $225! Anybody can join. We encourage you to be our unofficial sales team and wish you great success.

To collect: 

Just enter the referral information in this account collection form<---, telling us which company and company contact you referred and we will check the payee account status. If the sale information you supply is correct and the product has been purchased,  we will send your payment of 25% of the sale price the next day. 

Collect a referral commission

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