Base conversion calculator - can convert from any base or symbol set you select, not limited to standard base formats ex: Binary (Bin), Octal (Oct), Decimal (Dec), Hexadecimal (Hex). Define custom character / symbol sets. No trial period, Use forever with no fees. Source code avail. 

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  1. Can convert from any base you select, not limiting the user to standard base formats like Binary (Bin), Octal (Oct), Decimal (Dec), Hexadecimal (Hex).
  2. Can define your own unique symbol set. Default key set: Standard -0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
  3. Can be used with out paying the $2.99 registration fee.
  4. Great for many mathematical operations and can help in many Boolean logic and Digital Logic Circuits classes and applications.
  5. Source code available on request. Source Code Request
  6. Uninstall Included
  7. No spam or annoying software included!


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