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General features:
  1. Package tracking
  2. View all, open, due, late, due soon POs at a glance
  3. Receive and close a PO single touch button
  4. Choose which PO block you are currently using
  5. Dispense PO's to specific employees for future use
  6. Can use company info and logo on PO sheet
  7. Modify terms and save in a terms database
  8. Included vendor database with autodial capabilities
  9. Included shipper database with customizable shipping rates
  10. Inventory system to quickly search and find where to buy a certain part for the lowest price using wildcard system
  11. Customize the notes at the bottom of the PO
  12. Default sales tax information if applicable
  13. Bill Parts to different jobs under one PO
  14. Displays goods still on order with days late per item
  15. Receive partial or all parts in a PO, per shipment
  16. Fully net workable (with purchase of un-compiled version)
  17. Fully customizable, Written in MS Access (with purchase of un-compiled version)

Printable Reports:

  1. Job Costs
  2. Supplier Ratings - Based on price of items and punctuality
  3. Purchaser of the month - based on cutting costs for frequently ordered items

Screen Reports:

  1. All can be exported to any office application
  2. Employee performance scores with drilldown capability to see where they were in error or where they excelled with specific suppliers/parts
  3. Supplier ratings
  4. Parts often bought overpriced
  5. Purchaser ratings
  6. Job costs with optional date span
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 User Manual - Doc
 User Manual - Pdf (recommended)
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