Manage Quality Control non-conformance 
material rejection reports with, DR Data! 


- a revolutionary software remedy for nonconformance material management.


QAS, DR Data - A sophisticated software management tool to handle non-systematic internal, customer discovered and supplier non-conformance material. The database can save time, improve accuracy and effectively monitor non-conformance data records.


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Written totally in MS Access a intricate part of the MS Office suite, DR DATA has no dead ends.  Add a menu, new routines, and Policy revisions never skipping a beat. DR DATA 's sterling performance in manufacturing beats all expectations. Easy to use, easy to apply and huge time savings plus instant retrieval of the data you want. Get a handle on your non-conformance suppliers. DR DATA has been developed for over three years, beta-tested and in full operation in several companies for two years

DR Data is the most complete and simple quality management tool. We cut out the waste; every bit of entry information is useful. The database is written in Microsoft Access so the purchaser can change and add forms and macros easily to suit their specific operation.

Our main focus when creating DR DATA was the generation and tracking of supplier corrective actions. Employees claim DR DATA cuts four hours from the daily workload. People have a great view of useful information, employees can access and input information in a more user-friendly system with the aid of reports with pie graphs, bar forms and tables.

DR DATA is intended to give the end user more options than our competition. Our compatibility and upgrade ability is unbeatable. Hence based entirely through MS Access with OfficeLinks TM. We sell a completely functioning proven product in itself but give the end user the choice to fit DRD exactly to their current quality processes instead of forcing change to proven processes. The software can grow with your company regardless of our success here at QAS, therefore no risk for you. We find that it is quite silly for fully established quality departments to purchase compiled or un-programmable software; there are too many unique aspects to a business to preconceive. Inflexibility is not an option for the software manufacturer. We have found our users easily manipulate DRD to mesh right in to their current systems.

Key Benefits Features
Increased man hours/productivity
Written in familiar Microsoft Access
An intricate part to help manufacturing industries meet the ISO 9000 standards regarding non-systematic discrepancy report documentation.
Greater productivity and aid in analyzing trends
Trace ability of all non-conformance material
Staff accessibility to up-to-the-minute information
Better supplier reliability
Proven methods
Fully editable, add new forms, reports or macros with ease.

Tractability of nonconformance material in areas such as customer discovered reject, supplier rejects and internal rejects.

Automatic correspondence generation
Extensive reporting (charts, spreadsheets, lists)
Protection against data entry errors.
ODBC compliant, network with other databases, ease in exporting spreadsheets to Microsoft Office™ and other windows packages, etc.
Instant access to discrepant material records.
Fast implementation.
System responsibilities well defined.
Continual updates, new reports and plug-in's available through the QAS web site.

Discrepancy report (non-conformance report) management

Instant access to all DR information internal, supplier and customer discovered discrepancies
Package includes proven multi leaf forms for use throughout the company
Total documentation, ISO 9000

Automatic correspondence generation

No more repetition of entering supplier addresses and printing.
Less error
Eliminate date tracking and calendar keeping
Rate suppliers more accurately

Extensive Reporting and Documentation

Cause and corrective action report for open supplier defects.
Cause and corrective action report for overdue supplier defects.
Cause and corrective action report for delinquent supplier defects.
Pie chart of DR concentration between CA required and UN-required.
Three separate charts of common defects of the 3 DR classifications.
Three separate charts of common causes of the 3 DR classifications.
Standard report of rejects to aid in supplier rating.
Two separate charts of distribution of corrective action (CA) DR’s to employees.
Line graph of total corrective action required (CAR’s) per month and running total.
Total past due CAR’s and who are mostly responsible.
Detailed list of overdue CAR’s and who is responsible.
Detailed list of overdue and unassigned CAR’s.
Create your own listing of discrepancy reports with filters on any value or partial value such as supplier, customer, reject code, etc.


 What is it? 

A customizable software tool to manage internal, supplier and customer discrepancies / non-conformances / rejects.

On one integrated discrepancy report form and one data entry procedure QAS allows ISO-9000 (or those striving to achieve certification) manufacturing companies to manage discrepancy reports and streamline their quality assurance program.

How will it help?
What will companies
need to utilize QAS?
The commitment to achieve ISO-9000 certification of quality or just the desire to have more control over your non-conformance material.

Either a company network platform of data entry stations system OR a stand-alone, single workstation. The desire to be more efficient.

486 PC
Disk Space
25 MB
Operating System
Windows 95 and UP
Other Software
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