Dear Supplier:


The enclosed DR (Discrepancy Report) indicates that a rejection has been logged against your company’s quality rating for the current quarter.


If corrective action is required, a formal response (signed and dated) is necessary.  This response should indicate the cause of the problem (and the reason why it was not detected at your facility) and the positive corrective action steps taken to eliminate the reoccurrence.  This response can be answered either on the DR or on an additional sheet attached to the DR.  If the material has not been returned, return can be requested through your buyer.


The response must be made within 30 calendar days.  Failure to respond within that time frame will reduce the quality points of your rating by 2 points for every overdue response.  If additional time is required, an extension should be requested in writing through your buyer and will be acknowledged by (your company) in writing.  Repeated delinquency to respond is cause for removal from the supplier base.


Very truly yours,




(your name)

(your position)