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- QAS strives to streamline your company's quality assurance effort by bringing your non-conformance data process under control.

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To meet the needs of aerospace companies working to Military specifications as well as companies needing ISO9000 systems.

Customizable Microsoft Office Q.C. applications - This service is available for those unique customers that may have trouble conforming to all of our ready made cures to Quality Control processes. We can develop specific reporting features, add fields, change processes and basically and implement anything you can imagine. Our software engineers are flexible and willing to help in any way we can to get your quality system online. Click here

Custom Microsoft Office business applications - QAS Consulting Services division develops custom business applications and provides the consulting and technical services to help our clients leverage their investments in information technologies. Click Here

Why we are the best - We use 100% Microsoft Access, a critical part of MS Office! Other competitors boast that they are fully customizable. This can't be true unless a un-compiled source code is sold. Our software is written in familiar Microsoft Access, one of the best-selling desktop database of all time; users love the broad range of tools Microsoft Access provides to enter, analyze, and present data. Microsoft Access brings not only the traditional broad range of tools but also adds more productivity features, database Web document creation, increased integration with SQL Server, and a tight office programmability model. You are never stuck with outdated software. If you want to automate all your processes you have come to the right place.

MS Access - Powerful database tools, easy enough for any user.

How we began - It all started at an aerospace company in New Jersey four years ago, working in the quality department. Dealing with discrepancy reports was unwieldy. My interest in and aptitude in computers and programming inspired me to make some sense of the mess. Quality engineers and directors were coming to me daily with their questions and ideas. We decided a complete automated database was needed. "Yes, it's possible," I repeatedly said. QAS and DR DATA software began. And due to the great success of the software, we are developing and integrating other areas of business.

Employment Opportunities - We're always looking for sharp, aggressive people with an abiding interest in software technologies. Send us an e-mail employment@qasdatabases.com





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